Turbo 200

Turbo200Range of centrifugal high performances fans to convey in ducts air or fumes with a maximum temperature of 55°C.

Suitable for applications in domestic, commercial and industrial such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices, factories, shops, bars, gymnasiums, restaurants etc…

  • Complete range of inlet and outlet diameters to allow the installations in most standard sizes of commercial ducts.
  • The range is composed by 14 models either in standard version with high performances then in ES version that offers a good noise level and a reduction in energy consumption increasing the life of the products.
  • All the models mount ball bearing motors with thermo protector.
  • Turbo200-DimensionsZinc plated steel body, high resistance motor support with incorporated airflow fins. Mounting bracket integrated with the product that allows installation in any position.
  • Holes provided in the bracket allow mounting with cords.
  • Installation and electric connection particularly fast and easy.
  • Electric boxes with IP54 protection.
  • Product protection IPX4.
  • Double insulated product, electric grounding is not necessary.
  • Motor speed can be regulated with an optional electronic regulator (see page 69).
  • In accordance with EN 60335-2-80.


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