Turbo Camino

Turbo-CamcamionFOR HOT FUMES

  • Centrifugal chimney fan to extract hot dusty fumes.
  • Suitable for use on fireplaces, oven waste or industrial hoods.
  • Designed to extract smoke at up to 200° c.
  • For all chimneys with insufficient up-draught.
  • Induction motor on ball bearings, IP 54 protection
  • Class F insulation and fitted with cooling impeller.
  • Safety protection grille with fixed steel frame.
  • Aluminum cover protects from atmospheric conditions.
  • Zinc plated steel impeller statically and dynamically balanced.
  • In accordance with EN 292 part I and II, EN 294 and IEC 204-1 and 2.
  • Includes electronic regulator, Industrial regulator available.









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